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Home straight

Closed Beta Tests

It’s incredible but the game development is heading into the homestretch! We’ve started closed beta-testing. Main purposes of this testing are to evaluate the complexity of the game and the stage of involvement, check the economic system and also locate critical errors. If you want to participate in beta-testing write an email to
(you’ve got to have a Steam account)

As usual we’re trying our best to create a good game at the price of deadline but it won't be long now. The main gameplay, economics, almost all the enemies and bosses are ready. We’re working on the storyline, unique turrets, final boss, fixing mistakes etc.

Steampunk tower 2 is an action strategy and the strategic component is very important to us. The game players will have the opportunity to build their own steampunk city, choose technological development path, build a railway network and send trains with resources or agents. Can’t Steampunk be without trains?

By and by the promotional campaign is starting. Follow our groups, we’ll tell not only about the game and steampunk but also about people who helped us. Main groups of the game:


Steam Greenlight We on Steam! Thanks all of you for that amazing support! Your votes are inspiring us to work even harder to finish Steampunk Tower 2!


As a small indie game developer we are making games rather slow. Perhaps too slow. We haven't deadlines, we just want to make a good game as we see it, and we are doing our best with current resources. That's why we decided to launch our current project firstly in Steam store and then on mobile platforms. We want to apologize to all those who are willing to see the mobile version of Steampunk Tower 2 - you will have to wait a little longer...

Steam is a completely new experience for us. There will be a special version of Steampunk Tower 2: with new balance, adoptive interface, without any free to play features. We are a little bit afraid of launching the game by ourselves, but we must gain this experience in order to grow!


Victor's cannon For team consisting of 3 man - Steampunk Tower 2 is rather big project. We had to cut a lot of awesome ideas and features. Some parts of the game have been changed completely. But now we've approved the final content and features lists. We are focusing on Battles with more dynamic gameplay, new enemies and huge bosses, and new supperweapons. Besides battles, we are planning to make lot of strategic features, like construction your secret base, control territories in order to produce details for your turrets, random missions and missions for characters. We extremely would like to fill the big map of Europe with trains and airships!

Steampunk story

Characters Obviously, such a big game should be with background story, with characters and dialogues. From other hand this is another challenge for us. For now we are planning 9 characters with their stories and bunch of small stories about the world and history of the conflict. All those texts scripts will be in game and in the site in form of Encyclopaedia, which we fill up from time to time. We understand that our English is not quite good in current circumstances - and we are looking for native speaker to help us proofread our texts and scripts.

Many thanks for all our fans, helpers and friends!